In the latest episodes of Kumkum Bhagyawe saw that Kiara and Nikhil are dead.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2020 Video Full Episode Update

Pragya blames Abhi that she should have never gotten Kiara back to India. A hurt King is listening to Abhi and Pragya fight standing in a corner. Tonight on Kumkum Bhagya, the episode begins with Abhi yelling at Pragya.

He tells her that despite him asking her to not give Nikhil the ransom money, she did it anyway. And again because of her adamant behaviour he has now lost his daughter. Abhi asks Pragya if her approach got them their little girl, because at least his way of handling the situation gave them a hope of seeing Kiara again. Pragya accuses Abhi that she is the one paying for his deeds ever since they got married.

Because he got Tanu in their lives, who got Nikhil along. She tells Abhi that he should have removed Tanu from his life long back.

Abhi asks her to shut up and reveals that King was helping himself and not her in rescuing Kiara. King tries to refuse these allegations but Abhi tells him that Disha had overheard his conversation with Nikhil. Pragya asks King why he decided to take revenge on them and why he acted to help them? King admits his mistake but denies that he had any role to play in her passing away.

He tells Pragya how much he loved her, and that ever since Abhi came back in her life, nobody told him anything about his princess. King even accuses Pragya of betraying him after she met Abhi again. Pragya slaps King and asks him to leave them alone. Tanu also had a role to play, and she blames Abhi for bringing Tanu in their lives.

If she is unable to forget Kiara, she will die and she cannot die because she has her twin daughters to take care of. Abhi says even he cannot get it out of his mind that the person who kept him away from his little one for 7 years is the one responsible for her death. Dadi, Dasi, and others try to make Abhi-Pragya understand and not talk about these things. Pragya goes upstairs and gets the twins from their room.

She informs everyone that she is leaving the house with her newborns. Abhi says they are his daughters too and she cannot take them away. Abhi argues that the twins are safer with him than with her. Abhi asks Pragya how much money she wants to leave the twins with him. Abhi says he will fight for the custody of their twins if need be.

Disha intervenes and tells both Abhi and Pragya to stop arguing. Because it will remind them of how Kiara died because of their respective actions. Pragya says she will leave the house with the twins because she will choose death over staying with him. Disha suggests both Abhi and Pragya separate, and keep one of the twin girls each.

But Abhi and Pragya are hell-bent on having both their daughters.

kumkum bhagya 8 march full episode

The episode ends with Aliya suggesting that both Abhi and Pragya should separate, and take one twin each. Because the family is now no more capable of seeing any kid get hurt or in pain.In the 7 March episode of Kumkum Bhagya we see that Abhi praises Pragya for organizing the party and she asks him to check the decorations.

Just then Abhi burns his hand by holding a hot teapot and Pragya helps him out. Tanu sees them together and gets angry.

She says she will help Abhi but Abhi says he will do it himself. Tanu enters and everyone go to click her picture and she enjoys all the attention. Pragya checks the arrangements and all the guests like it. Tanu is happy and she invites everyone. Dadi hears her and says Abhi will not marry till Purab is well. Pragya takes dadi away. Tanu tells the reports that the marriage will take place as decided.

He says to Pragya that she is looking very beautiful. Pragya appreciates Abhi too. Tanu sees them together and goes to Alia. She shows her how Abhi and Pragya are together. Alia taunts Tanu for trying to kill Purab and says she is not like Tanu that she will kill Pragya. Tanu says now Purab is out of danger so she should help her.

Alia refuses to help her but asks her not to do anything otherwise her marriage with Abhi might get cancelled. Dadi and dasi like seeing Abhi and Pragya together. Dadi wonders when Abhi will tell Pragya what is in his heart. Dadi says Abhi is going to give Pragya a surprise.

kumkum bhagya 8 march full episode

Abhi tells everyone that he is bringing a new concept in this album and his friend Purab is the main person behind this. Tanu asks a reporter to ask Abhi who was his inspiration for his album. Abhi says that to write a love song one has to feel love. He says he has felt love and because of this he now sings with his heart. He says there is a special person in his life who has inspired him to do write so well. Tanu who felt Abhi would take her name is disappointed.

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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Close X.The Episode starts with Abhi telling that Pragya is his inspiration. Everyone claps for Pragya. Dasi asks Dadi to see. Tanu is shocked. Abhi says friends are the one who helps us during our bad times, but I left my bad time behind…. He says true friend is the one who can make you smile, make you understand what is right and wrong, who support you and can feel the heart feelings.

He says he wants to dedicate his album for his friend and wants her to inaugurate. He asks Pragya to launch his album and come. Mitali laughs and signs Aaliya that she has changed the album cover page. Dadi tells Dasi that she wants to see what he is gifting pragya. Abhi asks pragya to do the honor.

Aaliya waits anxiously and smiles. Pragya lifts the cloth. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Aaliya scolds Mitali and asks how did this frame come here. Mitali says I had hidden it. Aaliya says what Tanu will do now? Abhi says no problem, and says your tears are saying it all. Pragya is thankful to him and touched by his gesture. Music album producers ask them to dance. Abhi and Pragya dance on the stage….

A romantic song play…. Tanu is jealous and angry. She drinks wine. Aaliya asks her not to get angry and harm herself. Tanu asks did you know that Abhi is going to call her on stage. She gets angry on Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to drag her and asks her to forget and think about marriage. She says I will call you once this drama is over. Mitali tries to hear them.Pragya leaves the house without telling anyone, but Abhi soon finds out that she has left to bring Kiara back.

On the other hand, Nikhil too figures out that Kiara is missing and starts looking for her and the Angel uncle aka Shetty, one of the kidnappers! Meanwhile, Nikhil starts thinking if any of his men are trustworthy or could this be their plan to take the money and distribute amongst themselves. King becomes suspicious of Nikhil and the plan. But King confronts the man just before he could ring the doorbell. Upon seeing King, the man tries to run away and is followed by King.

King catches hold of the man who had visited Mehra mansion and asks him where Kiara is. Meanwhile, Kiara and her Angel uncle try to escape the clutches of Nikhil and other goons. King breaks a bottle and threatens to kill the goon. King speaks to Nikhil and tells him that if he harms Kiara, he will kill his man. Nikhil backs out and denies to give Kiara back to King. However, the latter tries to convince the former to give him Kiara or else he shall get the forensic department and police to track Nikhil down.

Nikhil agrees to visit King at his office, alone, without Kiara.

Kumkum Bhagya 8 March 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Pragya Meets Kiara

He demands more money, howsoever! Pragya reaches the said location. He calls Purab and asks him to help him. He even informs him that Pragya has gone to some heritage hotel project site in Greater Kailash. Pragya and Kiara find each other, but they find themselves on the opposite side of a fenced wall.

Angel uncle instructs Pragya to come through the other entrance and hurry up. King threatens Nikhil for blackmailing Pragya to cut Kiara into pieces. He starts recounting all the harassment Nikhil subjected Kiara to, and even tells him that she is his daughter.

Nikhil is scared as to how should he leave the room without getting recognised, and King asks him to leave immediately. King interrupts and helps him get away. They both decide to follow him to Greater Kailash.

Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. TAGS abhishek prem mehra kumkum bhagya mishal raheja pragya sriti jha written update zeetv show. More like this:. You May Also Like This. Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video….Abhi introduces her as his inspiration.

He says that Pragya is his real friend who always supported him in all the ups and downs. Pragya looks at him and gets emotional. Abhi says that he wants Pragya to launch his album by unveiling its cover page.

Pragya moves towards the album. Aalia is worried as she has asked Mitali to changed the album cover, but to her surprise when Pragya removes the wrapper, the original cover opens up. Aalia and Mitali are shocked. Daasi smiles at them. Everyone cheers and claps for them, except Tanu. She is very irritated and angry. Abhi and Pragya are requested to join for a dance. More from the world of Entertainment:. They both dance on a romantic song. Dadi and Daasi bless them. Tanu feels so insulted that she drinks a lot of alcohol.

Aalia comes and asks her to control her anger, she asks her to keep stay patient for five days. Later on, she herself will throw Pragya out of the house.

Tanu thinks that Aalia is deliberately not taking any action against Pragya, as she wants Tanu to feel bad. Aalia asks Robin to take Tanu to her room. Everyone notices their closeness. They clap for Abhi and Pragya. Tanu is shouting and yelling in her room, she throws all her marriage clothes and jewellery. Mitali comes and asks why she is throwing things.

Kumkum Bhagya 8 March 2017 Watch Full Episode Online in HD

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Kumkum Bhagya 8 March 2017 Watch Full Episode Online in HD

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kumkum bhagya 8 march full episode

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Kumkum Bhagya - Episode 1270 - Jan 8, 2019 - Webisode - Watch Full Episode on ZEE5

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