As diesel engines increasingly come under pollution emissions regulations, manufacturers have had to fit these engines with pollution control devices. The DPF is such a device, a diesel particulate filter. The DPF along with urea injection are two of the features added to today's diesel engines to reduce emissions.

The DPF typically sits under the truck, behind the engine, and is integrated into the vehicle's exhaust system. It removes soot from the exhaust, and while max cruising range varies by manufacturer, it usually has a max cruising range of about miles before it requires regeneration or cleaning.

On the Duramax diesel engines, cleaning of the DPF happens automatically. Take your Duramax-equipped truck out for an extended straight drive, such as on the highway. The DPF will fill up with soot during typical operation, such as stop-and-go driving.

DPF: The Time Bomb Under Your Diesel

The DPF system will store soot during this type of operation, but the engine will not get hot enough to engage regeneration mode. Once the DPF fills up, you will get a "clean exhaust filter" message in the driver information center.

Drive at a sustained speed for about 20 minutes. The Duramax engine needs to see steady cruise speed, not stop-and-go traffic, in order to properly enter regeneration mode. You must travel above 30 mph for at least 20 minutes until the clean filter message goes off. Periodically engage in steady speed cruises to insure your DPF regenerates. Once cleaned, it is a good idea to insure you take your truck on an extended steady drive.

Another tip is to disengage your overdrive to allow engine RPM to increase in conjunction with heavier throttle input to insure the exhaust system heats up and the DPF regeneration mode engages during typical operation. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. How to Clean a DPF 6. Step 1 Take your Duramax-equipped truck out for an extended straight drive, such as on the highway. Step 2 Drive at a sustained speed for about 20 minutes. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Call or text from 7am-5pm Pacific.

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l5p regen mode

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Find Trucking Jobs. OK, I give up What is Regen? Explain please.

l5p regen mode

Nov 16, 1. I see all these threads about regen. As well since I see all these threads talking about manual regen, is there such a thing as an automatic regen?

I'm completely lost here. GrumppyNov 16, ExmuslimAtheist Thanks this. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply.

Nov 16, 2. The exhaust filter starts to get clogged. So the motor needs to burn out the soot. Usually with a lot of highway driving and little idling the engine does itself while driving. However with a lot of idle or city driving it builds up and usually there is a light on the dash that tells you it needs to do a parked regen. That means you park hit a button and the engine revs up gets the exhaust really hot and burns it out. I'm not great at these explanations, best I can do.

I was surprised no one answered yet. Perhaps somebody else comes along to say it better. BayleNov 16, ExmuslimAtheist and Grumppy Thank this.

Nov 16, 3. Shoot, I thought you were talking about our 40th president! That's how much I know about regen. From what I've read it can make the truck run really rough while a regen is going on.

Big DonNov 16, The latest version of the 6. This allows the LML to exceed currently mandated federal emissions requirements and potentially meet future requirements as well.

The result eliminated cylinder washing concerns and permitted the use of up to B20 biodiesel. The implementation of the SCR system, which requires a constant supply of diesel exhaust fluid DEFwas met with heavy scrutiny. However, this technology actually allows for an advantageous engine calibration to be executed, reducing the duty cycle of DPF regenerations and providing significant improvements in fuel economy. DEF is not particularly costly and owners incur noticeable fuel savings even while factoring in the cost of exhaust fluid.

This includes an upgraded engine block casting, oil pump, high strength pistons and connecting rods, main bearing design, and re-routed oil passage circuit. Rated at horsepower and lb-ft of torque, the engine is significantly more powerful than any prior Duramax. A concerned Ford quickly acted to increase the Power Stroke's available horsepower and torque rating, issuing a free performance upgrade to owners which would re-calibrate the engine to the tune of horsepower and lb-ft.

Active regeneration programming cleans the DPF periodically estimated regen period every miles, miles less then previous systems, under normal operating conditions by injecting diesel fuel into the exhaust stream via a "downstream injector", completely burning off soot captured in the DPF. A DEF tank will need to be filled approx. Engine will enter into a limp-mode if DEF tank is empty. DEF is injected into the exhaust stream where a chemical reaction occurs that reduces NOx emissions.

The DEF tank is approximately 5 gallons On pickup trucks, the DEF tank fill nozzle is located on the passenger side, under the hood and is sealed by a blue cap. On vans, the DEF tank fill nozzle is located in the fuel fill door, and is also sealed by a blue cap. The DEF system will illuminate a warning indicator in the instrument panel when the DEF fluid levels range is estimated to be 1, miles. Subsequent warnings will follow. Upon restart, the truck will be speed limited to 55 mph.

If the tank remains empty, speed will be limited to 4 mph after the second refueling. Performance may also suffer when the truck enters this mode. After miles of driving with poor quality DEF, the truck will be speed limited to 55 mph.

If the system continues to detect low quality DEF, speed will be limited to 4 mph upon the next refueling. Failure to have the system serviced within miles will result in speed limited to 55 mph upon the next startup, and 4 mph on the next refuel. The DEF tank is located roughly beneath the front passenger with several inches of the tank vulnerably exposed beneath the level of the body.

In order to add DEF to the tank, the driver must access the fill spout located against the passenger side firewall under the hood. The height required to access the under-hood mounted DEF fill as well as the corrosive nature of DEF have been the source of concerns - a full-size, one ton, four wheel drive pickup is relatively tall and ease-of-access is more or less dependent on a person's height.

Nonetheless, Duramax owners won't have to worry about accidentally putting DEF in their fuel tank, as the two fill locations are side-by-side in competitor's trucks.Exhaust soot is the product of incomplete combustion, the soot is actually partially burned fuel. Soot creates back pressure and the regeneration is triggered and your headaches begin.

Lost time, excess fuel consumption and the dominoes keep falling to include EGR valves and coolers, sensors, turbo actuators, fuel injectors, etc. There is only one answer to excessive DPF Regeneration: Eliminate or dramatically reduce diesel particulate matter soot.

Our answer is to eliminate most of the soot in the exhaust by immediately and dramatically improving the fuel burn. You get better combustion, faster more efficient burn and a dramatic reduction in soot. Many of our clients have seen daily regens go to weekly or monthly regens.

Normally with the first tank of treated fuel. The single biggest cause of incomplete DPF regeneration is the duty cycle of the vehicle. Engines need to achieve extended periods of high temperature, high RPM activity in order to complete a DPF regeneration. DPF Remedy keeps this from happening. DPF Remedy is space age fuel technology and chemistry promoting astounding combustion efficiency and engine performance.

Your truck needs to be on the road, not in the shop. You need to immediately reduce soot and carbon from the equation. DPF Remedy is available in 10 gallon and 50 gallon treatment tablets. Our quick dissolve process is proprietary and allows the catalyst properties to begin working immediately. Simply add to your fuel at each fill up and experience combustion efficiency like never before.

No mixing, no measuring, just drop the proper number of DPF Remedy tablets into your fuel tank every time you fuel. DPF Remedy comes in either 50 or 10 gallon tablets. While you will notice the DPF benefits immediately, it may take tanks for you to notice a large increase in fuel mileage. Your fuel savings will more than pay for DPF Remedy. Increased performance, easier starts, better acceleration and a smoother running engine will be noticeable every time you get behind the wheel.

Diesel consumers also notice lower mileage in the winter We have been seeing a lot of comments online. We are getting a lot of online messages, telephone calls, just a lot of skepticism out of the marketplace. And we don't blame you. We have had 30 years and hundreds of bad additives So how do DPF's work?

Diesel Particulate filters DPF or 'traps' do just that, they catch bits of soot in the exhaust. As with any filter they have to be emptied regularly to maintain performance. For a DPF this process is called 'regeneration' — the collected soot My truck is commins isx Too many times regen. I was dpf cleaned. Do you have solution?Try it free for 14 days.

View Full Image. Diesel Power Magazine how to. That means all new diesels sold for on-highway use will need functioning emissions equipment. Trust us when we say: This is not the end of the world. History Is Repeating Itself This is not the first time automotive enthusiasts have felt the growing pains of working with emissions equipment on our vehicles.

In order to reduce air pollution, America decided to mandate vehicle tailpipe standards that were radically cleaner than before. Back then, enthusiasts felt wronged by the new hardware that showed up under their cars. They complained about reduced fuel economy, overheating, too much complexity, and poor vehicle performance. The catalytic converters, EGR components, and air pumps made working under the hood much more difficult—so hard-core enthusiasts ended up removing them.

Sound familiar? But what happens if you do? And what if like our muscle car predecessors you ever need to repair or replace the diesel particulate filter DPF under your truck? Diesel engines well, all engines really emit pollutants into the air we breathe.

This matrix of materials a composite of cordierite, silicon carbide, or metal fiberscalled a diesel particulate filter DPFtraps the particulates soot flowing out the exhaust pipe. All DPFs capture soot until they fill up and create too much backpressure. At that point, DPFs use one of two approaches to regenerate clean themselves: active or passive.

Passively regenerating DPF systems are commonly found in the retrofit marketplace for construction equipment. Passive systems rely on precious metal-coated substrates to heat the normal exhaust flow to temperatures that trigger regeneration.

6.6L Duramax LML

Although more sensitive to duty cycle and temperature, once installed, these DPF systems are considered to be more user friendly, as they do not require fuel additives, have no moving components, and only need to be serviced for annual cleaning.

Active regeneration of these DPFs is employed when the exhaust temperatures are too irregular for a passive system to regenerate consistently. Active regeneration is accomplished by changing parameters in the engine to increase the exhaust temperatures in the DPF. This requires precise knowledge of engine parameters and access to the engine control unit.

Because of this, the engine management approach is performed by the OEMs that have direct access and control over their engine design.

l5p regen mode

Among the active strategies used are: late or post-injection of fuel into the combustion chamber, changes to the turbo boost, changes to the EGR valve, intake air throttling, and retarding the injection timing.

Post-injection late-cycle injection in particular causes increased engine wear by diluting the engine oil film with fuel.

Banks Idash 1.8 review and REGEN Duramax l5p

Some of the other methods also decrease available oxygen in the exhaust, which impacts the soot-oxidizing ability of the particulate filter.

Lastly, much of the heat generated by increasing the combustion chamber temperature is lost to engine coolant and engine components, thus decreasing fuel economy. Cleaning vs.This site has features that require javascript. Follow these simple instructions to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Many problems on trucks manufactured in or later have something to do with the components of the dreaded after-treatment system, including the diesel particulate filter DPF and its process of regeneration.

Common Problems: DPF Turmoil

With the new after-treatment systems installed on trucks since then, soot gets turned into ash through the heat generated by the chemical reaction of a diesel oxidation catalyst DOC.

Through the process of regeneration, the ash gets burned off; this process must occur on a regular basis to prevent serious engine damage. Because of the extreme complexity of the DPF system, the regeneration process is often extremely temperamental.

To help explain what customers should look out for on their trucks, we spoke with Master Technician Brock Carter of Broadway Ford, and service manager John Giannini, Jr. Close Search. Subscribe now! Newsletter Facebook Share. What Is Regeneration? Like what you read? Want to know when we have important news, updates or interviews? Join our newsletter today! Sign Up. Share Send to your friends! Your Friend's Name. Your Friend's Email. Your Name. Your Email.


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