The long wheelbase versions allow you room for suitcases, tools or even the family dog! In addition, the TRAFIC SpaceClass is equipped to move you and your passengers in style, whilst making your journey easier with a range of on-board technology. Backpacks are piling up on the rear bench, your glasses case often skids across the top of the dashboard, and your bag barely fits under the front seat Thanks to TRAFIC Passenger, take advantage of a range of clever storage solutions and peacefully head into urban traffic while offering all your passengers optimum comfort.

The time to go is now! Forget about those never-ending journeys crammed between another passenger and your luggage. With its generous boot and spacious and modular interior, TRAFIC Passenger adapts to your needs and can accommodate up to 9 passengers, and 8 in SpaceClass, without sacrificing your boot space.

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You will not own the vehicle. All prices exclude VAT. Subject to status. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Based on 10, miles per annum. Further charges may apply subject to mileage and condition at end of contract. Terms and conditions apply.

Non-maintenance offers available on new vehicles when ordered from 2nd June to 30th September and registered by 31st December En poursuivant votre navigation, vous en acceptez l'utilisation. Forum Marques. Sujet officiel.

Renault 9 and 11

Publi info. Forum Auto. Recherche :. Il y a 56 utilisateurs connus et inconnus. S'identifier S'inscrire Aide.

Renault Cars

Page : 1. Le manuel ne l'indique pas? Salut Quel est la personne sympa qui pourrait me donner les dimensions du coffre du Trafic Passenger avec 5 places Merci Salut Quel est la personne sympa qui pourrait me donner les dimensions du coffre du Trafic Passenger avec 5 places Merci. Si oui, de combien? Bonjours peu on monter une banquette 3 place ariere sur un trafic 3 place es ce que les trafic sont prepercer pour monter les banquette a l arriere. Pourtant ces les meme caisse il a ete equiper a l epoque avec une banquette 2 places mais il a recuperer mmaintenant j en ai trouver 1 3 place meme si on perce on peu pas mon trafic es phase 2 de Non phase 2 li h1 de dci fourgon transformer 5 place mais le type a recupere ca banquette 2 place arriere et moi je veu en remetre une 3 place Merci d'avance Derniers essais Renault.

Essai - Renault Captur 1. Salon Caradisiac. Caradisiac expose le top 10 des ventes en France en - Salon de l'Auto Caradisiac. Vos derniers avis Renault. Page : 1 Bas de page. Sujets relatif. Afficher plus Afficher moins c'est un phase 1! Page : 1 Haut de page. Voir tous les sujets "Sujet officiel".

Voir tous les sujets "Tutoriel". Championnat du monde lonato. Polo 3 : ventilateur moteur.The Renault 9 and Renault 11 are small family cars produced by the French manufacturer Renault for model years — in saloon Renault 9 and hatchback Renault 11 configurations — both were styled by the French automobile designer, Robert Opron.

renault 9 places

The car was produced in Turkey until The models use a transverse front-wheel drive engine configuration, and feature four wheel independent suspension. There were three facelifts given to the Renault 9, two facelifts to the Renault 11, during its career. The Renault 11 that was released in was introduced with double headlights, which was different from the Renault 9.

In the Renault 9 was given a facelift, giving it the same front look and double headlights as the Renault The more aerodynamic Phase 2 appeared in where there was only a difference at the rear of the car, sedan or hatchback. Finally, the Phase 3, which was not sold in most of Europe, was released in Turkey in This final revision had more rounded head and tail lights, as well as ovoid body cladding around the bumpers and boot lid, which aimed to give the car a more modern look.

The front design was originally developed for the facelift model assembled in Taiwan under the name " Renault Luxmore. The Renault 9 was launched in October as a four-door saloon in right-hand drive form for the UK market in Marchwhile the 11 was launched at the beginning of in the UK from June that year as a three or five door hatchback.

Both had been developed under the Renault code name L42and were designed by Robert Opron. Opron conceived a traditional three box design to appeal to the traditional customer and avoid the poor reception that had met the Renault 14 's styling. Exhaustive consumer studies suggested that buyers rejected innovation, resulting in a rather nondescript design, albeit of modest elegance.

By the time the models entered production, Renault had assigned more than people to the project, logging 14, hours of study and testing, constructing 44 prototypes, testing engines, and test driving prototypes more than 2.

renault 9 places

The well-equipped Renault 11 TSE Electronic of was the first car in its class to have a synthetically voiced trip computerbut only because Renault moved up its launch date by a few days in order to get ahead of Austin's Maestro Vanden Plas. Although the 9 and 11 cars had different names and body styles, they were identical under the skin, and were intended to jointly replace the older Renault The 11 was also distinguishable from the 9 by its front end, which featured square twin headlights, which had been introduced on the North American Alliance.

The 9 also received this new front end in late for the model year. Withexamples manufactured for model years —, AMC offered the Alliance as a four-door sedan, two door sedan with higher rear wheel arches than the four door and as a convertiblebeginning in The Renault 9 and 11 continued in production in France untila year after the launch of the Renault However, production continued in other countries, with the end finally coming after nearly twenty years when production in Turkey was discontinued in The 11 Turbo also won the national Polish Rally Championship in andand both the Swiss and Portuguese rally championships in Its last result of importance was Oreille's fourth place overall in the Rallye Monte Carlo.

comment enlever la banquette arriere du trafic generation

The exceptions were the 9 Turbo and the 11 Turbo hot hatchwhich used the turbocharged engine from the Renault 5. The 11 Turbo was introduced first, and originally only with three door bodywork.

Unlike the 5 Turbo or the GTithe 11 Turbo had a more comfort oriented focus. These larger engined versions were specifically developed with American needs in mind, although they also happened to be well suited for a changing European market. Later iterations also received fuel injected engines. The Alliance and Encore, while comparatively underpowered, had a definite advantage in ride and handling against other small cars available in America at the time and even had their own SCCA spec racing series, the Alliance Cup.

Manufacture of the Renault 9 began in until in the same versions and engines, plus the 1. Today, the R9 is a very popular car in the country, like in the small and the big cities. All versions of the R11 and R9 manufactured in Argentina, as well as in Colombia and Turkey, suffered the problems that the material with which the dashboard is made degraded with ultraviolet rays, and ends cracking especially on the right side, since it doesn't have the steering column that supports it.

The next European facelifted versions of the Renault 9 in the country were known as the Gama 2. The latter featured front power windows, a spoiler, and a better interior.According to the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobilesin Renault was the ninth biggest automaker in the world by production volume.

Renault is known for its role in motor sportparticularly rallyingFormula 1 and Formula E. Its early work on mathematical curve modeling for car bodies is important in the history of computer graphics. While Louis handled design and production, Marcel and Fernand managed the business.

The first Renault car, the Renault Voiturette 1CV, was sold to a friend of Louis' father after giving him a test ride on 24 December InRenault began to manufacture its own engines; until then it had purchased them from De Dion-Bouton.

The brothers recognised the value of publicity that participation in motor racing could generate for their vehicles. Renault made itself known through succeeding in the first city-to-city races held in Switzerland, producing rapid sales growth. Both Louis and Marcel raced company vehicles, but Marcel was killed in an accident during the Paris-Madrid race.

Louis took full control of the company as the only remaining brother in when Fernand retired for health reasons. Renault fostered its reputation for innovation from very early on.

Renault 9 Turbo Dyno KocamanS Workshop

At the time, cars were luxury items. Inthe company introduced mass production techniques and Taylorism in Renault manufactured buses and commercial cargo vehicles in the pre-war years.

The first real commercial truck from the company was introduced in Louis Renault enlarged Renault's scope afterproducing agricultural and industrial machinery. The war led to many new products. It was based on the FT tank. Renault also had to find a way to distribute its vehicles more efficiently.

InLouis signed one of its first distribution contracts with Gustave Gueudet, an entrepreneur from northern France. The pre-First World War cars had a distinctive front shape caused by positioning the radiator behind the engine to give a so-called "coalscuttle" bonnet. This continued through the s. The bonnet badge changed from circular to the familiar and continuing diamond shape in Renault introduced new models at the Paris Motor Show that was held in September or October of the year.

Annonces Renault Trafic Minibus 9 Places d'occasion

This led to confusion about model years. For example, a "" model was mostly produced in Renault cars ranged from small to very large. Renault offered eight body styles.Which is best suited to my needs and my life.

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renault 9 places

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